Intermediate and Advanced Jump Rope Multiple Unders Intro

In this section you’ll cover some of the most fun types of skills in rope skipping. We’ll cover all of the following skills in our detailed step-by-step teaching style.
Advanced Multiples - 180nes
-t.j. triple cross
-inverse t.j.
-e.b. johmmy
-double/triple under a.s./c.l.
-b.c. full twist
-double under e.k.
-backward e.k.
-1 1.5 full twist
-backward s.s. cross both sides
-t.j. double under/t.j. – forward cross
-side swing cross – e.b./t.j. – e.b.
-e.k. – e.b.
-e.b. – e.b.
-scooby doo
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