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About Peter Nestler

Peter NestlerPeter is a 7-Time World jump rope champion that currently holds 12 Guinness World Records. He has been involved with rope skipping since 1985. Nestler was a team member of the Juneau Jumpers from 1987-1997 and was an integral part as the team swept 7 consecutive World Championships with the International Rope Skipping Organization.
Peter currently travels the world performing his unique blend of rope skipping, unicycling, audience participation, glow ropes and motivational speaking. He has had the opportunity to perform for over a million people in all 50 states and over 21 countries. He is a master rope jumper with a passion to teach and inspire all aspects of jump rope.

Guinness World Records

Peter holds the current record titles for the following:

Most Skips on a Unicycle in One Minute

Most rope skips while keeping a football in the air in one minute

Most skips in 30 seconds - one foot

Fastest mile hopping on one leg and jumping rope

Fastest Mile Hopping on One Leg

Treadmill Hopping - Duration

Fastest 100 Meters While Hopping and Skipping

Most skips of a rope wearing flippers in five minutes

Most underwater rope jumps in one hour

Most skips on stilts in one minute

Most skips in one hour