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If you want to learn how to jump rope, Jump Rope Secrets is your source for the best selection of rope skipping instruction. This is not a site filled with bad quality video and hard to understand instruction. Our videos are designed to help you learn how to complete every skill. Of course it will take a lot of practice, but our World Champion instructors have designed every video to help you understand how to accomplish each “trick”.

Peter Nestler Jump Rope SkillWe have detailed instructional videos designed for individual jump rope skills, Double Dutch, Long Rope and Chinese Wheel. We also have highly regarded jump rope movies like “frozen” which is a slow motion video that shows rope skipping in vivid detail so you can see things like never before. To help you take your rope skipping to the next level, we also have cross-training videos to help develop hand and forearm strength. This is just the start on what we have to offer. Our custom stats page will help you keep track of each skill and track your progress as you learn.

Our expert instruction will help you become one of the best rope jumpers on the planet.

We also provide live jump rope shows for schools, churches and other events. Our shows feature rope skipping, unicycling, audience participation, glow-ropes and motivational speaking.
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